Thomas Ramey Watson

A Canadian friend’s take on health care in the U.S.

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is what is so mysterious to us. it seems that if someone has what works for them, they don’t really care about the rest.

here in canada our thought is, let’s pool our resources for the common good.

it is not a lot from each of us in terms of taxes or premiums, i pay $54 a month, my mom on a pension pays nothing and it goes so far.

without our health care system every single person in my family would be homeless and bankrupt right now just from my dad’s failed kidneys

we are completely baffled by the willingness of americans to have their health c

are dictated by people who make profit from their disease. a non profit government basis system is so much more benign and believe it or not, compassionate as it is simultaneously motivated by the desire to keep costs minimal and to help people be healthy.

we can go anywhere we want for health care, to any doctor or any hospital. my mom, for example, is waiting for a surgery.

the wait is not long. we didn’t want the surgeon she was originally referred to as he has a very inconsistent track record so a younger, much more concerned surgeon has been referred to her.

our emergency room waits are minimal to non existent, especially in the small local hospital which serves

our little community and the staff all know the local people. it is really and truly a wonderful way of taking care of ourselves and each other.

i pay a lot in taxes but i don’t begrudge it for a minute and in comparing what i pay in taxes to what friends in the states pay, i pay about the same for my income bracket and get a whole lot more bang for my buck.

our system does have its faults especially in recent years being more forcefully co-opted by international pharmaceuticals bent on sucking the system dry but measures are being adopted to curtail their influence

A short while later, he added: to spend more on defense than all of the other countries of the world combined smacks of a lack of soul

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