Thomas Ramey Watson

Making exercise fun

VW didn’t send out a lame piece of PR extolling the virtues of exercise to get some hearts pumping harder.

Instead, the automaker turned an ordinary set of subway stairs into a mega-sized piano. Click here to read rest of article and watch the video.

When people tell me how much they hate to exercise, I encourage them to find fun ways to do so.

Start small and work up to more.

One of the reasons I like power walking so much is that I can also meditate and see the changing scenery.

Of course, that means the dogs have to cooperate and not cause too much distraction.

Our cat likes to walk with his pack too, which is fine during the day when we can

walk in the wooded area behind the houses.

He’d like to walk at night as well, but we have too much wildlife (coyotes and foxes) to allow it. Over the years, I’ve often enjoyed cats who thought they were part of the pack, just as my dogs prefer.

Whoever believes dogs and cats–or other species–cannot get along is mistaken.

We may have to help that along in the beginning and at various junctures, but it can be done.

I don’t believe various species were meant to war with one another.

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