Thomas Ramey Watson

Owning our Dark/Shadow Side

From the Coast to Coast A.M. site:
Inspired by psychiatrist Carl Jung, author Debbie Ford discussed why our dark side– consisting of suppressed emotions and unresolved internal conflicts– can lead to destructive behavior.

We are taught to hide and suppress negative aspects of ourselves such as being angry, selfish, or mean– but, by not accepting these parts, people can end up sabotaging themselves, and seeing

these traits surface in unwanted ways, she explained.

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I’m not terribly Jungian, but I also stress that owning our Shadow, or Dark, Side is terribly important.

Not to be in touch with it, allows it to run our lives–and those around us.

When we have a country full of people who refuse to own their Shadow/Dark Sides, we end up with the mess we’re in, as Ford wisely points out.

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