Thomas Ramey Watson

Young horse tries to save his fallen pasture mate

As we learn more about the animals that we share our lives with on this planet, we become increasingly more aware of how similar we are.

Animals not only share feel ings of love towards each other but they have also sensed when another is

in danger or needs help.

Because they are able to form emotional bonds just as we do, their sixth sense is highly developed, many times more so than ours.

The touching video

below shows a recent situation where a 2 yr.

old horse realizes that his 26 yr.

old pasture mate is in serious trouble.

He tries repeatedly to help and to get his ailing friend to be able to stand up again. When an attempt does not work, he tries a

nother approach. He does not give up on his friend.

When the horses owner arrives and calls the vet, he has to remove the young horse who will not stop trying to help his friend. The younger horse was visibly upset at not being able to stay by the side of his fallen friend and became very agitated and began bucking.

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