Thomas Ramey Watson

Our current financial debacle

From an article in Rolling Stone by Matt Taibbi on what Taibbi believes has been going on behind the scenes:

If you want to understand how we got into this financial crisis, you have to first understand where all the money went — and in order to understand that, you need to

understand what Goldman has already gotten away with. It is a history exactly five bubbles long — including last year’s strange and seemingly inexplicable spike in the price of oil. There were a lot of losers in each of those bubbles, and in the bailout that followed.

But Goldman wasn’ t one of



I’d like to believe that such strings haven’t been pulled, but my own experiences with whistle blowing have made me pretty cynical  about various institutions, including, but not limited to,  banks and insurance companies.

Read the rest of the article by clicking here:Rolling Stone

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