Thomas Ramey Watson

Michael Jackson

I hesitate to say much about Michael Jackson’s death except that it’s such a great tragedy to lose someone with so much talent, someone we’ve watched grow from childhood.

We’ve all heard of his family and friends’ failed attempts at intervention.

Too often that’s the case. The system tends to protect the status quo.

Those who try to change things have a hard time. The addict, especially one so well connected and wealthy as Michael Jackson, can all too easily get what he wants and protect himself, even from well meaning family and friends.

Typically, he shuts t

hem out and keeps them away so he can go on with his addictions.

We are now hearing that Jackson’s addictions to prescription p

ain killers started after he his hair caught on fire during a Pepsi commercial.

A traumatic experience can trigger such unhealthy behaviors.

We wonder whether better care, with counseling, after this event might have prevented Jackson’s addictions.

We’ll never know, but this speaks to me as a therapist/coach of the importance

of seeking good counsel right away before things spiral out of control.

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