Thomas Ramey Watson

Mystery at the Core

Outside the Basilica at Lourdes I walked into an energy field. I had hurt my heel travelling around France with my English deacon friend and could hardly walk.

I had been in serious pain for days.

Becoming aware of the energy field that felt like liquid air, I turned to my friend, and said, “Do you feel that?”

She felt nothing, didn’t believe in miracles, had been in nurse’s training before entering the deaconite.

In my mind stripping the faith of all mysteries, and miracles, makes it dull and boring.

Suddenly, I realized that the pain was gone and I was no longer limping.

My lifelong sinus problems got much better and stayed that way for several years.

I know that if I were to develop some serious disease, I’d visit Lourdes again.

There’s something there, some mystery perhaps best left at that, a mystery.

The profound things in life are always so.

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