Thomas Ramey Watson

Meet The Horrifying Demon That Has Crept Into Our School System

Watch enlightening video about education nowadays.

A curious phenomenon has crept into the school systems all across the world, and it’s threatening to violently derail social progress. Sir Ken Robinson brilliantly describes the death of creativity in the name of education with perhaps the driest British wit in existence. From the idea that literally everyone he knows has a serious interest in education at 1:13, to the globally recognized hierarchy of school subjects at 8:47, to the way teachers literally steer future artists and poets away from their desired fields at 11:32, Sir Robinson paints a bleak although avoidable picture of the probable future. He also drops a truth bomb about the depreciated value of education at 12:40 and relays a wonderful case study from a woman whose artistic work you’ve almost certainly seen before at 15:22. Stay tuned until 18:23 for a hopeful conclusion.

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