Thomas Ramey Watson

Finding the center again

I’ve witnessed the “Me and Jesus” mentality that has taken over so many evangelicals. God wants us all rich has become their very unbiblical mantra–along with, when we take Jesus as Savior all we have to do is believe, and we’re going to Heaven. There’s little attention to the old and very solid idea that conversion is a process.

We don’t automatically become holy and do the right thing. We have to go through the process, examining ourselves, our motives, our actions and try to live a good life, helping to bring light out of darkness in every arena of life. That does not happen by being self-centered. Or self-righteous. Those traits have always been identified with the fallen. We can sing “Just As I Am” over and over again. But we must continue to learn and grow and do right.

That’s why Jesus never condemned those who were humble, no matter how fallen, no matter where they came from, or even what they might have believed or professed. He was kind to them and loving, saying sometimes that their illness wasn’t caused by their sins or those of their parents, as many then, and now, would like to say. He also didn’t hesitate tell some, who kept doing wrong but were humble about it, that they should go and sin no more. However, Jesus was very confrontational toward the self-righteous holier than thous, who thought they knew everything they needed to know about God and his ways–and were only too willing to tell everyone else what to do. Such people forget that they too live in glass houses. We have no right to condemn others for taking a path other than our own.

We don’t want to get caught playing God. None of us does that well.

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