Thomas Ramey Watson

At this time of year

The three religions of the Book, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, affirm the importance of Creation, for all three believe that God purposefully brought everything that is into Being. Because of that we are called to value creation and protect it. Christianity goes even further with the central Doctrine of the Incarnation, the notion that God has become Human in Christ. So we sing the old Latin hymn, “O Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel,” to celebrate the meaning embodied in the name, Emmanuel, that is, “God with us.” For the Christian, God has sewn himself into the tapestry of life. We are all part of the web of life.

While there have always been those who accidentally and willingly try to rip out parts of the tapestry and mar it, we must act to correct those misdeeds, even weaving them into something more beautiful and stronger than before.

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