Thomas Ramey Watson

Cats who like chicks (including videos)

It’s a confusingly cute picture: tabby cat lies in a box, partially buried in a pile of fluffy yellow chicks. The downy mob is crowded into a corner of the box and one chick is perched atop the cat’s back.

Posted on Jezebel, the image raises some interesting questions. Namely, is this an adorable example of domesticated bliss between animals that in the wild would be natural enemies? Or is this the troubling “before” picture of a pending massacre?

To be fair, cat and chick friendships are far from unprecedented. In this video, viewed over 800,00 times since it was posted at the end of August, a ginger kitten is in a very similar situation — buried in a pile of incredible fluffiness.

For yet another example of cat-chick adorableness, meet Oscar and his fluffy friends (names unknown). They are the stars of a now-famous Youtube series that shows the ins and outs of a very unconventional relationship.

The videos, posted by tubbytubbytubtubs, detail the exploits of a preternaturally patient cat and his “feathered friends.”


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