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7 household uses for beeswax

No one has a fondness for stinging insects, but when it comes to the honeybee, humanity owes an enormous debt to the insect. Honeybees produce a multitude of products


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at benefit us.

In the process of producing honey, bees build honeycomb cells made out of wax where honey, pollen (and baby bees) are stored. Beeswax is a by-product of honey production, but has a multitude of uses in the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries – f or example, producing high quality creams, protecting and aging cheese

or coating pills.

Around the home there are several uses for this versatile product.

Beeswax can be purchased in hardware stores or craft stores

in block form.

A one pound block of beeswax will cost anywhere from $4-20, depending on the grade and whether it’s filtered or unfiltered.

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