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Zombie Theory

Zombie Theory
August 12, 2009
It is hard to totally disprove a theory or idea in social sciences — t here

is alw

ays some possibility that a different experimental design or a new sample will show that it works in certain circumstances.

However, if we are scientists we must be willing to discard an idea or theory after a reasonable number of rigorous studies have failed to find support.

For the rest of this blog and others, which I find insightful, on a site called Service (Co-) Creation by Gary Schirr, click here.

About his site, Schirr says, “This website and blog is intended to foster

a community of business people and academics interested in service innovation and new service development.

The goal is to advance the discussion of NSD and facilitiate communication between academics studying service innovation and those actually creating new services and innovating with service offerings.”

I must explore his site more.

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