Thomas Ramey Watson

Wild Warthog Lowers His Powerful Tusks and Asks for a Belly Rub

Written by Karen Paolillo of the Turgwe Hippo Trust in Zimbabwe

This is in memory of Arthur who is no longer with us, but his offspring continue to live out their wild lives, and so this amazing Warthog’s genes live on.

Back in 1992, the year of the drought, I was doing my best to save the last Turgwe Hippos living in the river below our camp. People might say what right one has to interfere with Nature. Well I reckon if you live alongside it in an area designated as a wildlife Conservancy, which we humans in the past have at times interfered with, not only with the animals but with the very soil of Africa, then it’s up to us to lend a hand when Nature is giving its citizens a rough time.

So for 10 long months, I provided food for the hippos and any wild animals that found my feeding station. This food allowed not just the last 13 hippos to survive but countless other animals, one of which was Arthur.

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