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Christian soldiers

From an insightful article by Christine Wicker on the brouhaha over Obama’s speaking to our children:

What other group would wage political war against hate crimes? Who else would oppose child protective services

? Recently I read of evangelicals condemning love as the basis for marriage.

Even more recently one University of Texas researcher advised evangelical young people to marry earlier.

Following the Apostle Paul’s “better to marry than to burn” line of thinking, he said that asking evangelicals to remain celibate until their mid-20s or later was simply not workable.

So when lust becomes ungovernable, marry.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Obama will aim to make those kids feel that the president himself is speaking right to each and every one of them.

He’ll make them feel that he’s their friend and their leader, someone to follow and to trust. He could seem like the biggest, best daddy of them all.

A true father to his people.

Oh no. That presidential talk, seemingly so innocent, must not be allowed to happen within the schoolhouses of America.

Because as any preacher will tell you, they’ll forget what you say before they get out the door.

What they’ll never forget is how you make them feel.

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