Thomas Ramey Watson

Why Diets Make You Fatter

— And What to Do About It

The $60-billion-per-year diet industry keeps offering new programs and plans, but it doesn’t work 95% of the time because

the problem is more than calories.

One interesting tidbit of many:

For example, metabol ism

plays a significant role in determining our weight.

Resting metabolic rate refers to the amount of energy the body burns when not engaged in physical activity; it accounts for approximately 70 percent of the calories we burn each day.

About 40 to 80 percent of the influence for resting metabolism is apparently inherited.

In the journal Nature Medicine, Jeffrey Friedman, director of the Starr Center for Human Genetics, writes, “The commonly held belief that obese individuals can ameliorate their condition by simply deciding to eat less and exercise more is at odds with compelling scientific evidence indicating that the propensity to obesity is, to a significant extent, genetically determined.”

Read article.
I highly recommend it.

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