Thomas Ramey Watson

We must stop sanitizing the message of Martin Luther King

Thus, to honor Dr.

King w ith

such a watered-down agenda is not to honor him at all.

It is to dishonor the true Dr.

King and the movement of which he was a part, and to allow his legacy to become so devoid of transformative potential that its hijacking by conservatives -– the very people who stood so resolutely against him during his life –- will only be come easier in years to


Honoring Dr. King requires action, and not just any kind of

action, but action aimed at producing a new way of living.

It is one thing, after all, to build houses for homeless people, but quite another to demand an end to housing shortages in a nation as wealthy as this one.

It is one thing to feed the hungry, but quite another to demand that food security be guaranteed as a matter of public policy and not just hoped for as the result of private charity.

It is one thing, in short, to honor the safe Martin Luther King Jr., and another to honor the man in his entirety.

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