Thomas Ramey Watson

Elephants are noble beasts that need protection from abuse too

He says Boo [Queenie], Tina and Jewel are his family.

“This is their home. These are not only my elephants; these are the community’s elephants,” said Davenport. Read rest of article by clicking here.

Davenport reminds me of many abusive parents and caregivers, who argue, “We love these children, we wouldn’t do

anything to hurt them.” Yet, they do.


For now, Queenie remains chained to a tree in Leggett, Texas, in the hands of a man who has demonstrated time and time again that he is unable or unwilling to provide her with the care she needs.

The USDA has informed our members that they intend to go back for Queenie, and we need to make sure that this rescue happens. Click here for more.

Please call or email USDA Undersecretary Ann Wright regularly until Queenie is safe. Thank her for the agency’s actions to rescue Tina and Jewel and urge them to return as swiftly as possible to rescue Queenie. Queenie is not physically ill and can go directly to one of the two sanctuaries that have offered her a permanent home.

The USDA must do whatever is necessary to ensure that Queenie’s long years of abuse come to an end and that she is sent

to a sanctuary without delay.

Ann Wright
Deputy Undersecretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Phone: 202-720-4256 OR 202-720-7813
Fax: 202-720-5775
Email: [email protected]

Please also follow up with your Senators and Congressional representative.

If they have been responsive in the past, be sure to acknowledge their help and role in Tina and Jewel’s rescue. Urge them to continue

to pressure the USDA to rescue Queenie as well and be sure to specify that she is sent to a sanctuary without delay.

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