Thomas Ramey Watson

Think Dogs Are Just Animals? These 14 Pups Are About To Seriously Prove You Wrong

Gregory Berns, a professor of neuroscience at Emory University, recently published a column in The New York Times explaining the results of an ongoing study that suggests dogs have human-like emotions. By examining MRI scans of dogs’ brains, Berns found that the structure of their caudate nucleus is very similar to that of humans. The caudate activity spikes in humans when we anticipate receiving things we enjoy, like food or love. It appears to react similarly in dogs.

While Berns stressed that this doesn’t conclusively prove dogs experience love or other emotions, at least as we understand them, we would like to challenge that notion — not with science, but with real-life stories and cute dog pictures. Below, 11 examples of dogs that have surpassed many humans in their ability to show emotions. They are, at least in our minds, superhuman canines.


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