Thomas Ramey Watson

The wonder of the Incarnation

Christianity is an amalgamation of Judaism and classical philosophical thought, not merely completed Judaism, as some mistakenly believe. The notion that God became a man in Christis anathema to Jews.

In Christ, however, the great prophetic tradition of Judaism is tugged through space and time, part of the warp and woof of the tapestry of creation.  For, in the Incarnation, God chose to weave himself into creation.

The Kaballah teaches that Moses had to come back as Noah because he had to learn that God’s plan was not just to save one’s own family, but that God’s purpose extends to the entire nation.  The Christian teachings are that God through Christ extends this salvific plan to the world, and from there to the entire universe, that God “might be all in all.” God’s mercy, justice, grace, and love are not to be given just to those in our immediate circle, but to all creatures, not only humanity, but all things that we share life with.

On this Christmas, when so many are suffering around the world, hoping to find grace, seeking justice and mercy and love, may all of us, no matter our religion–or none–no matter our race or gender or station in life–remember this. And do our best to be God’s incarnations in ourselves.

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