Thomas Ramey Watson

The War on Language

On Monday, September 28, 2009 by
Chris Hedges writes:
“The Arabic of the Quran is as poetic

as the intricate theology of Islam.

It is nuanced and difficult to master.

But the language

of the Quran has been debased in the slums and poor villages across the Middle East by the words and phrases

of political Islam.

This process is no different from what has taken place with Christianity in the United States. . . . .”

Also from this insightful article:
‘ Our crisis is a crisis of language.

Victor Klemperer in his book “Lingua Tertii Imperii” noted that the distortion of language by

the Nazis was vital in creating fascist culture.

He was repeatedly perplexed by how the masses, even those who opposed the Nazis, willingly ingested the linguistic poison the Nazis used to perpetuate collective self-delusion.

“Words may be little doses of arsenic,” he wrote. “They are consumed without being noticed; they seem at first to have no effect, but after a while, indeed, the effect is there.”‘
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