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The Mouse That Saved a Life

“The Amazing Friendship”
By Andrew Quilliam Brewer

There have been many stories about mice. They fill the shelves of children’s literature. What is so extraordinary about this story besides the fact that it actually happened, is the friendship that emerged between a man and a mouse. This is more the story of an amazing friendship. A real friendship that saved a life.

An old friend of mine named Michael came to visit our mountain hermitage on the backside of the volcano Haleakala on the Island of Maui. He was spending a month on a kind of healing retreat with us in a funky old cabin hidden in a circle of trees not far from the main house. One morning, after several weeks in relative seclusion, he arrived for breakfast, shaken and emotional, and he told me the following story.

He had gone to bed with tea and a good book, after turning off his portable Coleman stove. He left out a little of his dinner for a small mouse that had recently become his friend. Michael was not a person who was fond of mice, but he said the mouse had been so fearless and so cute that, despite his ambivalence, he decided to share his food and to strike up a friendship with the mouse. He named him Henry. He said that feeding Henry had oddly made him feel like a better person.

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