Thomas Ramey Watson

Susan Stanton Rotman on “Discernment, Imagination & Coming of Age”

From her blog:

“Learning to trust the imagination is based upon using it and finding out how it can help you…Literal-mindedness will not help you here. Engage with the metaphor, the image, the feeling, the inkling that is just within your grasp. Use your subtle senses, not your everyday senses. Follow the story or scenario that’s unfolding within you. If an understanding forms in your mind, or a sense grips your body, follow its meaning without shouting it down with your disbelief. You and your senses are a valid source of wisdom. You don’t need to depend on experts to trust and validate your understanding.” (Quoting Caitlin Matthews, Psychic Protection, Ulysses Press, 2006, p.41.)

We each work with multiple senses to access and interpret information, including both our rational, linear abilities, and also including our non-rational, non-mental faculties. Our own imaginal realms are invaluable sources of information beyond language, and a gateway to insight, or what I call inner sight. Just as dreams can often contain important insight, so too your imagination offers you understanding, discovery, motivation, creativity and direction.


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