Thomas Ramey Watson

Study: Praying for each other helps stop marital partners from cheating

A forthcoming study, from a team of scholars at Florida State University and the University

of Georgia, shows that one way to reduce infidelity among couples is to pray.

Prayer helps foster a “sanctified relationship,” the authors argue, and what is sanctified tends to keep couples together.

“For the people who prayed, their behaviors toward each other were much more committed and loving,” Nathaniel Lambert, a postdoctoral fellow at FSU and one of the study’ s three author

s, tells AOL News.

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I have no doubt that people who treat others as they would be treated do better in all th

ings, including marriage.

Knowing that people pray for us–regardless of the kind of prayer, for sending us good energy is also a kind of prayer–helps us feel supported and do better. To me, we need to get back to the idea that not just marriage is holy, but all of creation

is holy and to be revered.

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