Thomas Ramey Watson

Pumpkin is good for your heart

Another Real Age tip:
“Pumpkin flesh is crammed full of phenols — a type of health-promoting antioxidant that’ s found in many plant-ba

sed foods.

But pumpkin phenols may have particularly body-kind qualities.

In cell studies, phenols from pumpkin flesh put a damper on the same enzyme that some blood pressure drugs target to reduce vascular tension.

In other words, the phenols in pumpkin may help keep blood vessels relaxed, which means better blood pressure and better heart health.”

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Dogs and cats love pumpkin too. It’s good for their hearts and gives them the softest, most luxuriant hair/fur you’ve felt.  If they tend to overeat, feed them pumpkin (and carrots).  They feel fuller and eat fewer calories.  Not a b

ad idea for humans either.

You have to cut back on the high caloric food, of course, and replace it with low calorie food like pumpkin.

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