Thomas Ramey Watson

Prairie dogs have a language of their own and ‘can describe what humans look like’

It’s a language that would twist the tongue of even

the most sophisticated linguist.

Prairie dogs talk to each other and can describe what different human beings look like, according

to scientists.

The species – only found in North America – call out to warn their friends when a predator approaches their habitat.

Not only that, but they have calls for ‘human’, one for ‘hawk’ and another for ‘coyote’, radio station NPR reports.


Fascinating. We have lots of prairie dogs in Colorado.

I used to walk my dogs where lots of them lived and noticed myself how they would poke their heads up out of their holes and watch us, talking to each other, as if warning all prairie dogs in the area that we were coming. When we got nearer they would disappear underground.

Read article by Graham Smith.

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