Thomas Ramey Watson

Please help with dogs in desperate need here in Colorado

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will donate 30% of all book sales from my page only to this cause. When you order be sure to mention this. click here

Here is a link to the page about this terrible situation: click here Here is one of Marshall’s posts. If you click on his name you can read more about these rescued animals. Some have died.

My friends and family, we need help and FAST!!
You may have noticed that I have not been on Facebook for a few days. We have been on a sceret mission to rescue 12 Afghans Hounds from a horrifying slow death!!! One sweet Grand Champion with many titles has died so 12 others may live!
PLEASE PLEASE DON’T ASK WHO THE BREEDER it is an on going unresolved issue! !!
Half of them are listed as a 1 out of a 10 from our vet so we need help and need it now!!
We need money with vet supplies and food. The rescue team has drove over 40 hours to rescue these poor babies from a cold dark basement with covers over their crates so they haven’t seen daylight for over three months and their coats matted to the skin with their own poop and pee!!
We have already spent 100 ‘ s of dollars to save them. Some are Grand Champions and other are just points away of being Champions.
We have got them all stable and on the way to recovery.
I am willing to donate my art work to those who will donate to help us save these babies!!!! Please whatever you can give.
The fastest and easiest way to help is to send it to my PayPal address.
[email protected]
You who know me, know i would never ask for help, but we can’t afford all of the expenses nor can we stand by and let them die!!!!
Thank you so much!!!!!

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