Thomas Ramey Watson

Pamela Anderson poses for PETA ad

Actress Pamela Anderson recently posed for a provocative PETA advertisement reminding people that legs, breasts, and ribs are body parts—not entrées.


Chickens, pigs, cows, and other animals killed for food may not speak in ways that we can easily understand, but they are like us in many other important and relevant ways: They are made of flesh, blood, and bone.

They feel pain and pleasure

and joy

and grief. They are terrified of the knife, and they cry out and don’ t wan

t to be eviscerated.

When you eat a chicken’s breast, leg, thigh, or wing, or any other piece of animal flesh, you are eating part of a dead, dismembered animal who was killed in a bloody, violent way.

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I would call attention to the fact that modern culture tends to treat women and men as if

they are body parts to be enjoyed and consumed in various ways.

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