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Modified curcumin (from tumeric) could benefit stroke patients

The US researchers, who reported their results to a stroke

conference, modified curcumin to come up with a new version, CNB-001, which could p

ass the blood brain barrier.

The laboratory tests on rabbits suggested it might be effective up to three hours after a stroke

in humans – about the same time window available for current “clot-busting” drugs.

Chain reaction

Dr Paul Lapchak, who led the study, said that the drug appeared to have an effect on “several critical mechanisms” which might keep br ain cells

alive after a stroke.

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“This is the first significant research to show that turmeric could be beneficial to stroke patients by encouraging new cells to grow and preventing cell death after a stroke”

End Quote Dr Sharlin Ahmed, The Stroke Association

Although strokes kill brain cells by depriving them of oxygenated blood, this triggers a chain reaction which can widen the damaged area – and increase the level of disability suffered by the patient.

Dr Lapchak said that CNB-001 appeared to repair four “signalling pathways” which are known to help fuel the runaway destruction of brain cells.

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