Thomas Ramey Watson

Melchior, my co-therapist dog working miracles with disturbed rescue Afghan Hound Skyy

We’ve experienced a bit of a miracle with Sky. I’ve been waiting to make sure it’s lasting. So far, so good. I’m able to let him off the leash over on the fenced in peninsula so he and Melkie can run around and explore together. Sky hesitates for a bit but then takes off. Previously he refused to do anything but wait at the gate wanting to go home to safety.

At first he didn’t want to follow me and Melkie back to the gate once he got going, but Melkie started fetching him and getting him to follow. Now he even stays with Melki and follows me back, though a football field behind.


And, Sky willingly goes to the door for our night walk now. For some time he resisted, not wanting to go outside after dark.

Melkie seems to be taking up his role as co-therapist for disturbed dogs now too.

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