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Low fat dairy and you

From Real Age:

Dairy foods like yogurt make your blood vessels happy — but you’ ve gotta go low fat.

In the study, low-fat dairy was the only kind associated with a high blood pressure benefit.

And don’t stop at breakfast. You’ ll want a little low-fat dairy at every meal.

In the study, the maximum blood pressure protection was achieved with 4 1/2 servings of low-fat dairy per day.

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I think my favorite breakfast begins with a cup of low fat lemon yogurt.

Into that you stir in about a half cup of raw organic whole oats (I like to add some steel cut or Irish oats for more crunch), a heaping tablespoon of raw wheat germ, and a heaping tablespoon of flax seeds. Good tasting and good for you. Full of fiber and all kinds of beneficial things.

With this, I have a couple of mugs of strong coffee, preferably latte with lots of cinnamon.

The rest of the day, I’ll switch to green, or white, and black tea, since green/white and black teas have different health benefits.

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