Thomas Ramey Watson

Louis Vuitton, the pit bull that survived

Through it all, Louis Vuitton — a pit bull with a magnificent and forgiving attitude toward humans — persevered. Even through the painful skin grafts and bandaging routines, he gave kisses and never complained.

The Abuser’s Punishment
Animal cruelty so often goes unpunished or under-punished.

That’s why when Louis Vuitton’s abuser, Juan Daniels, plead guilty and was sentenced to nine years and six months for his crime, it was a victory for voiceless animal abuse victims everywhere.

It was the harshest sentence ever given in the State of Alabama for felony animal abuse.

The problem is, after serving only 18 months of his sentence, Daniels is eligible for parole.

Daniels’ parole hearing is scheduled for August 24.

Please sign

the Care2 petition addressed to

the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles, joining the more than 1,000 people who signed the petition in its first day online.

Read about it and please sign.

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