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Lisa Spector: Top 10 Reasons I’m Feeling Dog Blessed

October 5, 2012

Yesterday was St. Francis of Assisi Day. While I don’t consider myself a religious person in the traditional sense, I love the “Blessings of the Animals” ritual that comes with this celebration. And it made me think of all the ways that I’m feeling blessed by my dogs, Sanchez and Gina.

1. They remind me to take work breaks and get outside for walks regularly.
2. They are total masters at living in the present moment and are a continuous reminder for me to do the same.
3. They remind me to take time to play, play, play.
4. They listen without judgement to everything going on in my life.
5. They keep me in good shape with agility and off leash hiking.
6. They remind me that life is short. Cherish every moment.
7. They remind me to forgive and forget. And then play!
8. Sanchez was the inspiration for me starting an entirely new career that is helping dogs worldwide.
9. Gina is a real cuddler and reminds me to connect with others through touch.
10. They remind me to count my blessings!

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