Thomas Ramey Watson

Jim Wallis: Saving the Souls of our Banks

“The big banks say they are too big to fail; so let’s make them smaller. I’ve bee

n talking to families who are doing that, churches

who are considering it, and even to large denominations who

are seriously examining where their money should be.

If enough people began to make that choice, especially in the faith community, such actions would soon become more than symbolic, and perhaps finally get the attention of Wall Street.

When I talk to pastors about these issues, they now tell me that the abusive “usury” policies of the nation’s largest banks have now become, for them, a family issue because of what is happening to so many of their parishioners; a moral issue because of the fundamental unfairness and injustice of it all; a theological issue because of biblical injunctions against just this kind of behavior; and because of all the above, this is becoming a faith issue for many of us.”

Read article. Wallis is always insightful.

An evangelical Christian with a true and strong sense of truth and justice.

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