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Huge Food Waste “Free Lunch” Will Feed The 5000

Written by Sami Grover

Just the other day we heard that UK shoppers throw out 10% of their weekly shop uneaten, but that’s just the tip of a very smelly, unpleasant and destructive iceberg (lettuce?).

As food waste campaigner Tristram Stuart has shown us before, food

waste occurs at every step of the supply chain. From farmers to distributors to processors/ packers to s

tores to the end consumer, there are countless points at which unused food gets discarded, often for rather absurd reasons.

Some studies have even shown that up to half of all food worldwide goes uneaten.

But as we environmentalists are finally beginning to learn, throwing data at people doesn’t seem to change much.

So how can we engage people in the issue of food waste, get them to understand the enormity of the problem, and excite them about the opportunity to do things smarter

? The answer is blindingly obvious.

Feed them.

Back in 2009 Bonnie attended a huge feast called Feeding the 5000 in Trafalgar square. As the name suggests, the idea was to create a huge free lunch made from food that would otherwise be discarded.

Cosmetically challenged fruits and vegetables; funny shaped pieces of toast, or “wrong sized” produce were all turned into delicious, free treats to help highlight the problem of food waste.

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