Thomas Ramey Watson

How We Can Kick-Start the Economy, Save Lives, Give Working People a Raise and Turn a Deficit into a Surplus

It won’t make you better looking, stop climate change or result in world peace, but progressives in Congress are pushing a bill th

at would prove a cure for much of the economic pain we’re suffering. If passed, it would save lives, make American companies more competitive, put more cash in our pockets and turn those deficits everyone’s obsessing over into surpluses as far

as the eye can see.

This week, Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, and Rep.

Jim McDermott, D-Washington, introduced the American Health Security Act of 2011(S. 915 in the Senate and HR 1200 in the House), a bill th

at would create a state-based system similar to Medicare but open to Americans of all ages.

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