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How Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Saved the Dogs

“The first fair was a financial success but only a few dogs were adopted,” Sanctuary Evolucion Patricia Holland explains. “This time we didn’t sell as many donuts but over 50 families are interested in adopting. Evolucion volunteers are busy making home inspections and if only half of the families are suitable, 25 dogs will have found their forever homes.”

“These dogs are sweet natured, loyal and loving,” Patricia explains. And she should know. After all, at any given time more than 150 of these dogs, many of them dumped at the shelter gate, find a soft landing at Sanctuary Evolucion’s extraordinary rescue center that is redefining the care of shelter dogs.

When you walk up on this center, you don’t see rows of anxious dogs crying out from kennels. Not a chance. This is a place of peace, and it has the feeling of home for the dogs who feel safe here. The dogs are housed in 15 separate enclosures across the property and live compatibly in packs. They run free. There is also a puppy enclosure. Each enclosure has a large, airy shelter and shade and all the dogs are protected from the sun and rain. And with a Paws on Pavement program, walking groups are used to socialize the dogs and to get them comfortable walking on a leash outside the shelter.

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