Thomas Ramey Watson

Hero Cat’s Mom: She Used to Guard Our Son in His Crib

Erika Triantafilo says that while Tara the hero cat had never been quite so heroic before this week – famously body slamming a neighbor’s dog who viciously attacked her 4-year-old son Jeremy – she was not completely surprised by Tara’s protective actions.

“Tara has known Jeremy since before he was born,” Triantafilo says. “She used to go on walks with us when I was pregnant. And she used to check in on Jeremy when he was in his crib. They’re great buddies.”


I still run across folks who tell me that cats care only about themselves, they’re untrustworthy, sneaky, ad nauseum. That certainly has not been my experience. Since childhood I’ve had many cats, often hand raised from kittenhood, who’ve been my best pals, walking with me and my dog(s), loving attention, but not too much, as much doglike as catlike. I’ve got one now. His name is Noir, a red angora rescued from my cat hoarder middle sister. You can see pictures of him on this site and on my FB pages:

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