Thomas Ramey Watson

Healing with light

Warning: this story is about a man who has developed a groundbreaking new therapy: healing with light.

The man is not a doctor. Nor is he an accredited scientist. His proof is rather anecdotal, and, yes, there are countless skeptics eagerly lining up to attack his results and conclusions. Yet Johan Boswinkel might just hold a key to the medicine of the future in his hands.

Why should you read on, after a warning like that? Because modern medicine, despite all its progress, often remains powerless against the many chronic illnesses spawned by our modern lifestyle.

Albert Einstein said it well: You can never solve a problem on the same level of thinking on which it was created.

My son’s T-shirt puts it more baldly: “It’s usually the oddballs who change the world.”

That’s a description—I say with all respect—that fits Johan Boswinkel to a “T.” “Oddballs” don’t fit neatly into known structures or frameworks. Boswinkel is the personification of the independent ­autodidact. He asked questions no one else asked and found a solution no one else found. He built an instrument that can measure disturbances in the body and correct


Using that instrument, he and the hundreds of people he has trained in the past 20 years have helped thousands of

people banish serious diseases and troublesome ailments. “ Our approach should become primary health care.

We have a success rate of 80 percent without harmful side effects,” Boswinkel says in his apartment overlooking the Maas River in central Rotterdam.

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