Thomas Ramey Watson

Great Reasons to Get Rid of Your Lawn

Unless you own a sheep, you’re actually do ing harm to the environment every time you water and cut the green patches

in the front and backyard.

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When I moved to my home, which was new, in 1998, I had to landscape.

I refused to put in the typical bluegrass and rock landscape that my HOA deemed the norm.

I opted for a drip system, perennials, and fruit trees throughout.

I’ve never lacked bees (or wasps), various kinds of birds, raccoons, foxes, and so on.

I use one-third to half the average water.

There’s little to no waste.

I compost and recycle.

Fortunately, more and more people outside of Boulder, which tends to be ahead of the curve, are realizing

the wisdom of such landscaping.

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