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Getting to the roots of the economic collapse

I’ve tried not to be too political, but this issue is so enrag in

g–so important to the entire world–that I am posting this link.  I’m sure most of you will want to sign it.


Did campaign cash from Wall Street block regulatio

n of the banking industry?

Tell the FCIC to investigate!
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Right now, the Congressionally-created Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) is examining the role big banks played in the economic collapse.

And they are asking the public for questions to pose to the big bank CEOs.

These are the same Wall Street behemoths that have poured millions of dollars into campaign coffers to weaken or block regulation of their shady wheeling and dealing.

The Commission must ask the question: How did campaign contributions from Wall Street interests impact Congressional decision-making on financial regulation?

Send this question to the FCIC


Wall Street bankers wouldn’ t dona

te and bundle millions of dollars in campaign cash without expecting a return on their investment. After being bailed out by taxpayers for the problems they created, these major banks are lobbying lawmakers in Washington, DC to maintain the status quo.

They are on Capitol Hill lobbying to gut or kill financial overhaul legislation currently making its way through Congress.

Please join us in asking the FCIC to look at Wall Street’s campaign contributions.

Send the commission a message today!

To get answers about the roots of the economic collapse, the FCIC must take an in-depth look at the role campaign contributions and lobbying played in the policymaking process.

Thanks for all you do,

Bob Edgar
and the rest of the team at Common Cause

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