Thomas Ramey Watson

Regarding Health Care: from a wise friend in Los Angeles

>>> ….I don’t know if you all have seen it on the Telly….we are having a week long free medical clinic here in Los Angeles.  People have been sleeping in line every night to be admitted when the clinic opens at 6am.  There is free everything…screenings, dental work, minor surgery….everything.  The lines are forming 24/7…there is a call out for Dr’s and Nurses to come and volunteer, some volunteers have been working 18hrs straight.   I can’t believe the response to this….well I guess I can, so many people are out of work…and without any insurance.  They interviewed a man who was clearly nearly out of his mind with pain from a bad tooth….he says he was ready to try and pull it himself with pliers at home.   That is something he could not go to the ER with.   I am insured, with very good insurance through the Post Office… but if the Govt.

can come up with something for everyone, I’d be glad to change for the good of all.  This is something too important for all this bitching and whining and fighting about.   The health of our Nation is at stake….if we are a weak, sickly Nation then where will we end up?   There will always be mistakes made… whether private insurance or Govt.

backed plan.   Most Doctors can’t afford the malpractice insurance as it is, all the mistakes don’t add up to nearly the silly claims for millions of $$$’s.

Get together people…stop arguing and fighting….come up with something that will strengthen our Country.

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