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Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward

After Weeks Running for His Life, Dog Finds Sanctuary on Church Lawn

Kelle Mann Davis is the face of animal rescue in America. The 54-year-old Texan is slender, soft spoken and specializes in dogs on the run, big dogs on the run who are often on the heels of escape from deeply abusive homes. With a strength that comes not from brawn but from something much deeper, she begins the delicate art of capture.

Feeling drawn to an area of Houston known as the 5th Ward, where hard economic times have led to widespread abandonment and neglect of pets, Kelle turned to friends and colleagues on Facebook a few months back and posed the simple questions, “Will anyone help?”

The response nearly knocked Kelle down. After all, she was used to a smidgeon of interest from a few nearby animal lovers, but not an all out army. But for some reason, this was the time. This was the place. With a major kick-off donation of more than $10,000 from the Harmony Fund international animal rescue charity, Kelle was able to form an all volunteer group now known as The Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward.

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