Thomas Ramey Watson


Fees are negotiable and based upon the time necessary to do the work you want done. I am flexible and can work with you in segments as small as a half hour, or fifteen minutes, if we are doing telephone or Internet consultations. I can also do intensive work in which we block out several hours devoted to you, your company, or institution. We can schedule regular times, or we can work as needed.

While psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, and spiritual direction ought to be conducted for the most part in person, various kinds of coaching can be conducted on the telephone, or through emails, as well as in person–or some combination thereof. If you are a client, I do not require a contract, but I urge you to commit to 4-6 sessions before deciding whether you have been helped. You are, of course, free to quit at any time if you do not like my services.

To find out more about fees, we need to discuss the issues and together come up with some sort of plan. You may pay by credit card if you like.


Before we meet for the first time, I suggest you write down the major issues you would like to address. That way you will be more focused, even though we will likely make changes as our work together progresses.

If you have questions, please feel free to email or call me with them. I will be glad personally to answer you. I can be reached at 303-650-0610, in Denver, CO. You are also welcome to email me [email protected].

I can also put you in touch with other holistic practitioners who work with me.

Without justice, not just for one but for all–not only the powerful, but the disenfranchised, those without voices, the poor in spirit and material goods–there can be no real or lasting peace.

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