Thomas Ramey Watson

Extremist Christians

When religion is d

iscussed, it is important to make a distinction between radical and non-

radical practitioners. Radical Christianity is not representative of Christianity any more than al-Qaeda is

representative of Islam.

The average Lutheran or Episcopalian minister is no more a threat to public safety than the average member of Islam’s Sufi sect, who are arguably the Hare Krishnas of Islam.

Not all Christians are Christianists; not all Muslims are Islamists.

But an abundance of disturbing events bear out the fact that radical Christianity, like radical Islam, is quite capable of violence—and contrary to what Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter would have us believe, the examples are numerous.

Read article. Having known those targeted by extremist Christians I am quite sure that we must be aware that such groups are very similar to extremist Muslims and extremists of all stripes.

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