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Energy Drink Slashes Belly Fat by 77%

Forget Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, and the other so-called “Energy Drinks” that line the refrigerators at every convenience store these days. Not only are they loaded with stimulants, most are usually packed with artificial ingredients and sweeteners. If you’re looking to be the rock star with the enormous gut and bad teeth, the high fructose corn syrup found in many energy drinks, is sure to help.

One of my Facebook fans, Kate Morgan, asked me to provide a healthier energy drink option. (Connect with me on Facebook at So here’s my solution: Super Fat-Busting Green Tea Lemonade. Not just any green tea lemonade will do though. I’ve included my recipe at the end of this blog for my—a sneak preview from my upcoming weight loss book. I created this recipe because I couldn’t stand the taste of green tea but wanted to reap the health benefits of drinking it. My Super Fat-Busting Green Tea Lemonade takes minutes to prepare, is all-natural, super healing, and delicious!

Keep reading to learn how green tea slashes belly fat by 77%…

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