Thomas Ramey Watson

Cute mouse site

I’ ve always lo

ved animals.

The mice featured on this site, where you can send eeek-mails to others, are really cute.

They remind me

of the field mice I used to watch, hold in my hands, and even bring inside in a container, when I was a child.

I know we’d be afraid to do this now, but in those days we washed our hands and that was that.

Gee, Ii regularly picked up and petted all sorts of creatures, even bumble bees.

Every now and then, I’ll still pet the backs of them carefully, lightly, with one finger, as they gather nectar from my flowers.

Getting stung by them never really occurs to me.

Maybe that’s why I’ve only been stung once by a bee, and that’s when as a child I w

as wearing shorts and sat down on a car seat and pulled my leg back upon it, squashing it.

So it stung me.


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