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Connecticut Cat Rescue Has “Kitten Therapy”

Kitten Associates’ “Kitties for Kids” program lets youngsters cuddle with furry residents.
JaneA Kelley

I was as shocked and horrified as people all over the U.S. when I heard about the tragic events unfolding in Newtown, Connecticut, just a week ago. I have a special connection to Newtown and Sandy Hook Elementary School because Kitten Associates, the rescue from which I adopted my beloved Kissy, is located in the town. I couldn’t stand to watch the news; the Facebook posts my friends made as the day went on were more than heartbreaking enough.

When I woke up the next morning, I was surprised in a whole different way. Robin Olson and Sam Moore, who run Kitten Associates, had come up with an amazing idea: They would provide their traumatized hometown with a big dose of “kitten therapy” by opening their home-based rescue to children who needed a break from the pain — and also a reason to smile. Kitties for Kids was born.


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