Thomas Ramey Watson

Combating self-fulfilling prophecies

When we start examining the emotional conditioning that has created those misperceptions, it is often surprising how much of our life’s story is simply the result of negative self-talk.

And when we buy into this self-talk, it can be very difficult to grow and to discover our true natures.  We will be able to accomplish no more than we believe we are – or could potentially be – capable of.  Combating these misconceptions is challenging and requires an open mind.  Even if we do not feel we are capable of accomplishing a particular dream or goal, it is important to try to open up enough space in our minds for the possibility that maybe – just maybe – it could all work out.  If we believe in the possibility, then we can give ourselves permission to try.  And even if we fail, what is important is the attempt.  Failure shows us that we can survive disappointment and live to try another day.

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