Thomas Ramey Watson

Chopra: Find Clues to Your Destiny

It seems that it is only at the end of our lives that we will be in a position to look back and see the path we followed. In retrospect, the narrative of our lives appears perfectly logical. We can easily follow the thread of continuity upon which we gathered our life’s experiences. Even now, at whatever point you are in your life, look back and notice how naturally your life flowed from one milestone to the next, from one place or job to another, from one set of circumstances to an entirely different set.

Notice how effortless it all could have been if you had only known where your path was leading. Most people look back and ask: What was I so worried about? Why was I so hard on myself, or on my children?

If we were able to live at the level of the soul all the time, there would be no need for hindsight to appreciate the great truths of life. We would know them in advance. We would participate in creating the adventures of our lives.

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